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The Kavu Chillba Hat is made for people who spend long summer days on the water. It's lightweight, unique and provides excellent protection from the sun. Worn by fishing guides everywhere. This hat is made for any person who enjoys those long, hot summer days but not the sunburn that so often accompanies them. Light weight and very breathable, attaches to your head with a mesh and adjustable KAVU webbing inner cap allowing the breeze to cool you as you drift. DWR treated nylon fabric makes water bead off the Chillba. The closed cell foam core holds the hat's shape and this hat will keep it afloat through even the most daunting rapids. The best way to store the hat is hanging it on a wall or resting it on a shelf. When traveling you can roll it (like a burrito), just don't fold it (like a taco). Once the foam is creased it will stay creased. The adjustable chin strap, with cord lock, keeps the hat on your head in the windiest conditions. Designed to protect your entire head, neck, and upper torso from harmful UV rays. One size fits most.